Want to save 48% of your envelope costs?

. . . every year!

We only print and supply the actual number of Envelope Sets that you need for your contributing members! Here’s how we helped one particular church . . .

A congregation that we have been supplying a variety of products and services to for several years traditionally purchased 360 Envelope Sets each year just because over the years the Number Range had grown.

These were costing them £3.00 each set so the annual bill was £1,080.00.

When we started to work with them on their Donation Envelopes we looked at the Envelope Numbers actually assigned to contributing members.

This number was well below 200!

Now in the normal life of any congregation you will always need spare envelope sets to assign to new members.

They settled on purchasing 202 Envelope Sets – a dramatic 44% reduction in the number of Envelope Sets actually purchased! As our Envelope Sets were also cheaper than their previous supplier this meant the total cost for the year of £565.00 was a phenomenal saving – less waste and kinder to both pockets and the environment!

A total annual saving of £515.00 or 48%!!

Every year!

There was also no need to re-assign numbers in their finance package or make adjustments to their ledgers – everyone can keep the Envelope Number that they currently have . . . and savings can still be made!

We have a very simple but robust ordering process that ensures that you benefit from purchasing only the envelopes that you actually need – see how it works here.



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