About Us

Tricord was established in the mid-1990s by Noel Gordon and John Rodgers when they teamed up to develop membership software for churches

As active church members themselves the two Directors were intimately aware of both the needs of congregations and the opportunity they had to centralise their data in a system that grouped families and districts, recorded donations, processed Gift Aid and much much more

Omega rapidly became the best-selling church software system in Ireland

In 1997 the two founders secured a contract to run the trading company of a national charity. This allowed them to open premises and provide a training suite for churches now using Omega.

Not long after this the pair added direct mail to their range of services

Customer Service and product quality has always been at the core of all Tricord’s services

In 2004 Tricord was now developing the third generation of Omega in conjunction with another company and had been approached to manage, develop and sell a locally owned property programme.

Around this time we also had a realisation that taking Omega to the next level was going to require a different skill set. While we had a very clear handle on the data and the opportunities it had we decided that to focus our fulfilment and direct mail business.

To ensure that those customer now using Omega were not let down we asked GCD Technologies in Lurgan to take over the management of the product which they did and have further developed and supported it and the customer base since then.

Coming full circle we now believe that we have the technology and expertise to deliver significant savings to churches and charities who purchase donation, Gift Aid or fundraising campaign envelopes.

Take time to read the testimonies on our Home Page from a wide range of customers, some of whom have been with us for nearly twenty years!

Our Values

Customer Service and product quality has always been at the core of all Tricord’s services

  • We do what is best for our customers.
  • We honour our commitments and do the right thing.
  • We invest in technology as we persistently innovate.
  • We value our team and seek to develop everyone’s potential
  • We are open, honest and respectful with staff, customers and suppliers.

So what does all this mean?

Especially if you are considering leaving your existing supplier?

  1. It means that you can be assured that we deliver – we’ve been doing it for over twenty years
  2. It means that you rely on the fact that we are accredited, not just to ISO 9001 (Quality Management), but also to ISO 27001 (Information Security)
  3. It means that our processes ensure that your order is delivered accurately