Boxed set FAQs

Weekly sets

Can I have any quantity or just multiples of 10?

You can have any quantity of weekly sets. Just key in the quantity required in the box on this page to obtain a price.

Is there a choice with numbering and dating?

Yes, you have complete choice. You can specify numbers and no dates or vice versa or have neither. However, the price is the same whichever specification you choose.

I underestimated quantity on my order and now need extra sets

We can supply extra sets. You can either order online and specify the number sequence to start at in the ordering process. If you’ve already started your envelope year and need part year sets, please phone us for help with the price.

We would like to change our envelope start date. How easy is this?

It’s not very difficult but you will need to phone us rather than ordering online. We would normally suggest supplying either part year sets or extended sets designed with your new start date in mind. Either can be done but a special price will be required.

We are only a very small church. How can we still use envelopes without wasting any or spending a fortune?

A very popular option with smaller churches is to split an envelope run to cover envelopes for two or three years in one order. There is a small ‘split run’ charge for doing this, but this solution results in very little wastage and enables a small church to meet the minimum order size of 20 sets.

Look also at our Economy Style envelopes, a do-it-yourself option for real budget-beating. Week 1, Week 2 dating styles are also an excellent way of stretching an order, or consider leaving your envelopes undated.

Please see our options for smaller customers here.

We have special wording that we like to use. Can we do this?

Yes. Just specify this when ordering and we’ll be pleased to print the envelopes with your special text. There is a small charge of £7.50 for doing this.

Can you supply the sets in different number sequences?

Yes, we can print non-sequentially. However, there would be an extra charge depending on the complexity of the request.

Can we include an illustration of our church or our logo?

Yes, many customers include beautiful illustrations. Simple line drawings work best. Avoid complex designs with heavy tints or coloured areas. There is a small extra charge of £9.95 for this

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